The Importance of Getting Away



Sometimes, life simply gets too much. The weight becomes too much to bear and we start to function sub-optimally. Just like the electronic devices we use each day, sometimes we, too, need a little recharge, a reboot. We so easily fall victim to routine and operate like machines. Even running on autopilot, from time-to-time. However, we were not built this way.


Eventually, we will need to upgrade our software. The best way to do so is by taking a break from the hustle and bustle, to stop glorifying busy and begin treating ourselves. Because, after all, how are we to sustain our momentum if we don’t take a break every now and then? To some, this seems counter productive. Our sense of self and gratification can be so tied to our work. Most of us feel guilty if we take the time off solely to ourselves.


But guess what? You deserve it! You earned it. And you damn well need it. By getting away, we are able to see things in a different light. Whether it be an international adventure or simply going for a drive or hike nearby, whatever makes the most sense to you, do that. What makes your soul feel full? Do that!


As with anything in life, you can start small. Book a day at the spa. Take a weekend getaway. Hell, simply go sit alone in a park somewhere. Or just lie under the stars and think about existence, or don’t think at all. Read a new book in a new place, perhaps, under your favorite tree. If you don’t have a favorite tree, you should!


But whatever it may be, simply take a moment to unplug. No phone. No apps, nothing but tuning into you; your wants, your needs. And most importantly, don’t forget to breathe!


There is something so empowering about doing something on your own, something so inspiring about taking the time to listen to your body and be alone with your thoughts. The clarity that comes from getting away can truly be mind blowing.


The fog of our existence will start to fade and everything will start to make more sense. You might even come up with a new billion-dollar idea?! But, how will you ever know if you don’t give yourself the space to try? If you can’t be alone with yourself, how do you expect anyone else to? Think about it.


Now, what I am NOT saying is to run away and never look back. Though there are indeed times this can be of benefit, but I’ll save that discussion for another day. We are all magicians in our own way, but pulling a disappearing act isn’t going to be a fix-all for our lives. Moderation and balance are key. Work hard, treat yourself harder. That sort of thing. Capiche?


So, what are you waiting for?! Get out there. Get away. Be gentle. Be your own best friend. And as we say in the South, “you take care now, ya hear!”



March 19, 2017