7 Best Podcasts for Women

7 Best Podcasts for Women

Podcasts have become one of the most powerful and rich ways to digest valuable information. Those people who have something to say, are only a few clicks away of sharing their thoughts to the world.

There is a podcast for every single person. It doesn’t matter how peculiar or defined could be his or her interests. But, on this occasion, we are going to focus on the 7 best podcasts for women.

In these modern days, women from all around the world are leading a sex revolution. They are changing every single aspect of life. Women are now taking care of important things like business as well as politics.

This revolution has been accompanied by the proper communicational movement, something we can notice with podcasts. These shows are doing an outstanding job to support this revolution. They are delivering powerful pieces of advice to all women in the world, providing valuable content in many different areas, like personal development, relationships, entrepreneurship and more. Furthermore, all the topics have been redefined to help women in this exciting journey.

Here are the best 7 podcasts for women. Those who are modern and willing to live their lives to the fullest.

Myleik Teele #MyTaughtYou

Looking for a mentor? Myleik is just one of those powerful women you don’t want to stop listening to. This podcast approaches the many faces of the business world and provides advice about how women all around can be themselves while succeeding out there.

Work and money can affect our paradigm as well as, in the long term, our living. #MyTaughtYou talks about this and wants female listeners to understand that there is a way to be at peace, feel alive, and achieve success at each woman’s own pace, without sacrificing what they are inside.

Be Amplified

If you haven’t been listening to Be Amplified already, start now. This remarkable podcast is a value-rich collection of interviews with outstanding women in our society. As the title may suggest, this podcast addresses a popular topic these days: living life to the fullest.

By listening Be Amplified, you will have the chance to learn from seasoned female entrepreneurs as well as thought leaders, women that are hustling every day and pushing forward really ambitious projects. If you want to feel inspired and get actionable advice on how to get things done, Be Amplified is a great way to start.

The Lively Show

As we continue with the inspirational podcasts, we must mention The Lively Show. The show is hosted by Jess Lively, a hard-working entrepreneur focused on wellbeing. This podcast is absolutely a must for those women trying to find direction in their lives. Jess brings visionary, successful women to their show almost every single time. They offer the chance of learning from people who are already “there”.

With every episode, The Lively Show plans to deliver wellbeing-focused and actionable advice to its listeners. Outstanding women like Brooke Castillo, Erin Loechner, and Ezzie Spencer are only a few of the many that join Jess to share awesome experiences about life, relationships, wellbeing, and mindfulness.

Magic Lessons Podcast

Have you heard about Elizabeth Gilbert, the best-selling author of Eat Pray Love? After a few years and a couple more remarkable books, Elizabeth is back with a debut podcast. The Magic Lessons Podcast is a companion of Big Magic, her latest best-selling book that addresses a topic that both women and men want to hear about a lot: creative living.

On the show, Elizabeth makes the most from this “celebrity status” and invites top-notch guests as Neil Gaiman, Sarah Jones, and Amy Purdy. The podcast focuses on things like having a sustainable creative life, taking big decisions towards our aspirations, becoming creative entrepreneurs, and overcoming failure.

The Big Leap Show

Radical changes in our lives are the most difficult to actually accomplish but bring the most prosperity. That’s the whole point of The Big Leap Show, a podcast that focuses on making big changes and entirely modifying our reality.

The show is hosted by Kathlyn Hart, a traveling entrepreneur herself. In her show, she shares all kinds of inspiring tales about women taking care of their own lives and doing what it takes to accomplish big things. She also invites many guests that work as powerful inspiration for all listeners. These “badass women”, as the host calls them, fought hard and achieve greatness. The Big Leap Show is our opportunity to learn from them.

Behind the Brilliance

Lisa Nicole Bell is someone you need to know ASAP. This charming woman is the host of Behind the Brilliance, a podcast that talks about showing our true self to the world as well as making a difference everywhere we go.

Especially for those shy girls with a lot of inner potential, this show can cause a solid different in your life. Every week, Lisa take remarkable bits of wisdom from her readings and experiences, sharing them with the audience.

Creating Living with Jamie

After being called as one of the top 25 business podcasts by Entrepreneur Magazine, the Creating Living with Jamie podcast became even more popular among hard-working, creative women who want to change the world.

Jamie Ridler, who is herself a seasoned entrepreneur, delivers sound advice during each of her podcast episodes. She talks about using inspiration as leverage to achieve creative goals, actionable strategies to use in the every day, and overcoming those difficult challenges that not only creative women face.

The Bottom Line

Listening to quality podcasts is a rich experience that can fit in everyone’s schedule. Even for those people who are really busy. If you are a woman looking for advice as well as knowledge, actionable things to use today, these podcasts will suit you well.

Creating a creative, fulfilling life is up to you. Everything you could need is here, in the form of personal, intimate advice. Make the most from these podcasts today.

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