How to Pick a Topic for an Online Course

How to Pick a Topic for an Online Course

Having trouble deciding which topic to choose for your online course?

Search no more! Follow this simple framework to find the perfect topic to pursue. We can help build your online course when you’re ready!

Choose your Top 3 topics that YOU are most passionate about.

How to pick a topic for an online course

Brainstorming for your online course, first make a list of the topics you’re thinking about, and then figure out which three you are most passionate about.

People want to hear from someone who is FIRED UP about what they are doing.

Sometimes it’s more about how you say something compared to what you actually say, so choosing something that you’re genuinely excited about is a must.

Are people interested on social media?

How to pick a topic for an online course

Do some research on social media, the biggest one being Facebook. Find out what people want!

Talk to your network, ask questions, and start to narrow down exactly what people are hungry for. It doesn’t matter how good your topic is if no one else cares or has a need for it.

Has anyone created videos on your topic on YouTube?

Check out YouTube to see what’s out there on your course topic. You may be thinking,

“Why would someone purchase my course when they can view these videos for free?”

YouTube videos are great. However, your course will be professionalized content with a framework and lesson plan that people can follow in a single location.

Finding videos on your topic is a great thing. It will help you find the hottest topics people are asking the most questions about AND give you ideas on how you can stand out from others.

Are there books or other content on your topic on Amazon?

Are there books or other content out there on your course topic? Amazon is a great resource to check out to get more ideas.

Look at the comments and reviews for books on your topic. Use what people are saying to give you more direction on where you want to take your course.

This framework will help you choose the course that is PERFECT for you.

When you’re passionate about what your topic, and when you know what people are looking for, you will be able to tailor your course to what people need and create a HUGE source of income all while helping others on an area you know front and back.

If you’d like us to help you produce your online course please book your free consultation.