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    Stress Relief at your fingertips is a course for anyone who is looking to release stress from their day-to-day life.…

    As a child, Meenakshi always had this dream and desire to become a doctor and serve people by treating their illnesses. She did not become a doctor, but always had an yearning to bring a transformation in the lives of people. Growing up in a family with heart-centered folks, she understood the value of practicing kindness and being compassionate to everyone at a very young age.
    Next to prayer, EFT was the best thing she stumbled upon in her life. From that moment onward, she has been on a quest for personal transformation in terms of her physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
    As an alternative healing arts practitioner, some of her areas of interest with using EFT with clients are: Stress/Anger management, Teens, Relief from menopausal symptoms/women’s issues, physical and emotional discomfort, procrastination, self-esteem and self-confidence issues, sports performance, relationships, and emotional eating/weight loss.
    Her passion is to help the families who have children with special needs.

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