Embrace Conflict is an ideal course for anyone who wants to learn how to stop fearing conflict and, instead, use it as a starting point for building better relationships that improve every aspect of their lives. If you are ready to dig in and understand where your fears about conflict come from, how to change those limiting beliefs and how to navigate conflict in ways that are beneficial for all parties…then Embrace Conflict is for you.
You will learn how to identify your limiting beliefs about conflict and, more importantly, how to change those into empowering beliefs that change how you view conflict. You will also learn the causes of conflict, how to set the stage for productive conversations when there is a conflict and how to create a win-win for everyone involved.

Course Curriculum

Module One: Conflict and The Brain
Embrace Conflict by Logan Reed 00:02:00
1.1 The Chemistry of Conflict 00:05:00
1.2 Introduction to Context 00:04:00
1.3 Challenge Assumptions 00:05:00
Module Two: Reality Gaps
2.1 Conflict Lives in the Gap 00:03:00
2.2 Change Your Chemistry 00:05:00
2.3 Close the Gap 00:05:00
Module Three: Relationship is Job #1
3.1 Trust 00:07:00
3.2 Owning the Relationship 00:03:00
3.3 Building/Rebuilding Trust 00:04:00
Module Four: Have the D.A.M.N. Conversation
4.1 Start the Conversation 00:06:00
4.2 Shared Vision 00:04:00
4.3 Action Towards the Vision 00:05:00
Summary of Embracing Conflict 00:02:00

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