This course is for people who have a wonderful product or service and are not making the money they want to. It is for people who are passionate about their product or service but hate sales and know they need to make a breakthrough. This course is for people who want to deepen their sales skills and learn something that will help them transform their relationships through connection.
From this course you will learn a way of doing sales that puts the power of sales where it really belongs, inside of you. You will learn how to do sales in an authentic and meaningful way. You will learn how to connect with your self and clients and develop meaningful relationships. You will learn pragmatic and simple tools that will have you be successful in sales.

Course Curriculum

Module One: Welcome
1.1 Welcome 00:01:00
1.2 Who is Anna Scott 00:02:00
1.3 My Intention for This Class 00:05:00
Module Two: Understanding the Human Experience
2.1 Mind, Consciousness and Thought 00:04:00
2.2 Emotions 00:04:00
2.3 The Field 00:04:00
2.4 Insights 00:04:00
2.5 Activity 00:10:00
2.6 Review of Module Two 00:04:00
Module Three: My Creation of Sales
3.1 Set a Powerful Intention 01:00:00
3.2 Connection 00:06:00
3.3 Listening 00:05:00
3.4 Offering 00:10:00
3.5 Agreeing 00:05:00
3.6 Review of Module Three 00:04:00
Module Four: Following Up (A.K.A. Connecting)
4.1 The Business We Are Really In 00:02:00
4.2 Activity 00:05:00
4.3 What Makes Following Up (A.K.A. Connecting) Difficult 00:04:00
4.4 Ways to Connect 00:03:00
4.5 Review of Module Four 00:02:00
Module Five: The Pragmatics of Sales
5.1 The Formula 00:03:00
5.2 Ways to Maximize Energy 00:04:00
5.3. Ways to Meet People 00:04:00
5.4 Tracking Your Energy 00:03:00
Module Six: Summary of All Modules
6.1 Summary of All Modules 00:05:00

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