Reclaim Your Focus: How to Find Clarity and Make Lasting Change

Do you ever ask yourself…

– Why is it so hard to change my habits?

– How can I be more productive but not stressed?

– How can I stop feeling scattered?

If you struggle with any of these things, it’s not a surprise. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and let the days go by.

I’ve designed a course that has you: 

– Learn to take action consistently on what matters, even when you’re busy
– Remove the clutter and distractions from your life so you stop wasting time
– Get 
more done and reduce anxiety
– Improve your relationship with yourself to increase creativity and fulfillment 

Now I get there’s too much information out there and not enough time these days..

…so I created this course with powerful techniques, exercises and concise videos so you can see changes in your life immediately.

Let this be the day you reclaim your focus.

Additional Goodies: 

– Private Facebook Group for community, support and sharing
– E-mail coaching ([email protected]) for questions

See you inside!

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Reclaim Your Focus 00:04:00
Setting the Stage 00:05:00
Module 1: Understanding Ourselves: The Virtue of Self-Awareness
1: The What and Why of Self-Awareness 00:04:00
1: Where Does Your Time Go? (Optional Exercise) 00:03:00
2: What the Hell Do You Care About (+ Exercise) 00:04:00
3: Your Habits of Mind 00:08:00
3: Mindfulness Skill: 3-Breath Alignment 00:04:00
4: Appreciating Your Gifts 00:04:00
4: Exercises: Appreciation All Around 00:03:00
Module 2: Breaking Through The Noise: Creating Space For What Matters
1: Introduction: Creating Space 00:03:00
1: Reclaiming Your Physical Space (+ Exercise) 00:03:00
1: Exercise: Conscious Consumption 00:02:00
2: Reclaiming Your Head Space 00:04:00
2: Mindfulness Skill: Trust and Reassurance 00:02:00
2: The Art of Saying No: Battling FOMO 00:03:00
2: Exercise: Setting Boundaries 00:01:00
3: The Power of Non-Judgment 00:07:00
3: Mindfulness Skill: Pausing with Kindness 00:02:00
Module 3: Working in Flow: Attention and Efficiency
1: Introduction: Working in Flow 00:03:00
1: The 21st Century: An Assault On Our Attention 00:07:00
1: Mindfulness Skill: Pausing Before Distractions 00:04:00
2: Exercise: Destroying Notifications + Habit: Silent Phone 00:03:00
2: Exercise: Mini-Retreat + Pitfalls 00:03:00
3: Work with Knowledge of Your Brain 00:07:00
3: Habit: Jam Session 00:04:00
3: Moving the Needle Forward (+ Habit) 00:04:00
4: The Importance of Personal Ritual 00:06:00
4: Habit: Mindful Routine 00:03:00
5: Celebrating Progress and Success 00:05:00
Exercise: Life Achievements 00:03:00
Conclusion 00:02:00

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