The Soul Switch is for you if you want to feel more Love than you believed possible! I’m not talking about ego’s love, which is very conditional. You must prove yourself in so many ways to be worthy of the good in life. Constant self criticism, stress/fear, and continuously chasing real Happiness, but never actually arriving. Soul however is who you truly are, and there is a Love waiting to be felt right now! It’s simply beyond what words can describe…I can try to tell you what an orange tastes like all day, and never succeed. But one bite and you instantly know! So it is with your Love. You must feel it to get how amazing you can feel.

You’ll learn simple, practical and very effective techniques to feel your Love, and be able to switch to it anytime. You’ll also learn an important tool for releasing that which keeps you from feeling your Love more. It returns your power to choose, ego or Soul. Without making that conscious choice, ego will run your life, and it won’t be pretty. Since ego is a false belief, it can only create more false beliefs and negative states of being. End the madness! If you knew how much Love is waiting for you right now, you’d start yesterday!

Course Curriculum

Introduction to The Soul Switch
Introduction to The Soul Switch 00:05:00
Module One: Defining Soul and Ego--Making Your Decision
1.1 Soul 00:02:00
1.2 Ego 00:04:00
1.3 Making Your Decision 00:03:00
Module Two: True Forgiveness--Your Way Out
2.1 The True Forgiveness Technique 00:03:00
2.2 Benefits of True Forgiveness 00:03:00
Module Three: Creating Your Soul Switch
3.1 Creating Your Soul Switch 00:03:00
Module Four: Feel Your Real Love
4.1 How to Feel Your Real Love 00:02:00
4.2 A World of Difference 00:04:00
Module Five: Switching at Will
5.1 What it Means 00:04:00
Module Six: Becoming a Lifestyle
6.1 Becoming a Lifestyle 00:02:00
Summary of The Soul Switch
Summary of The Soul Switch 00:02:00

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