Stress Relief at your fingertips is a course for anyone who is looking to release stress from their day-to-day life. If you are a person who has stress at work, or at home, or in your relationships, or if you are a person who has a long to-do list, who is experiencing a sense of overwhelm, the techniques taught in this course will help you release stress in minutes, leaving you happy, positive, spirited and love yourself more.
In this course, you will be learning the basics of this simple yet profound mind body technique called EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques).By the end of this course, you will have a simple self-help tool in your tool box that you can use not only to release stress but also to amp up your vibration by shifting your energy within minutes of tapping the end points of the meridians in your body. This tool can be used anywhere, anytime to calm your nervous system.

As a child, Meenakshi always had this dream and desire to become a doctor and serve people by treating their illnesses. She did not become a doctor, but always had an yearning to bring a transformation in the lives of people. Growing up in a family with heart-centered folks, she understood the value of practicing kindness and being compassionate to everyone at a very young age.
Next to prayer, EFT was the best thing she stumbled upon in her life. From that moment onward, she has been on a quest for personal transformation in terms of her physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
As an alternative healing arts practitioner, some of her areas of interest with using EFT with clients are: Stress/Anger management, Teens, Relief from menopausal symptoms/women’s issues, physical and emotional discomfort, procrastination, self-esteem and self-confidence issues, sports performance, relationships, and emotional eating/weight loss.
Her passion is to help the families who have children with special needs.

Course Curriculum

Module One: Understanding Tapping
Welcome to Stress Relief at Your Fingertips Course 00:02:00
1.1 What is EFT tapping? 00:02:00
1.2 How tapping evolved? 00:03:00
1.3 The energy body 00:02:00
1.4 The Science behind EFT 00:03:00
Module Two: Practical applications of tapping for stress relief
2.1 What happens during stress? 00:03:00
2.2 What happens during tapping? 00:03:00
2.3 How do you know if tapping is working? 00:03:00
Module Three: Fundamentals of tapping
3.1 Tapping points and Protocol 00:06:00
3.2 The Basic Recipe 00:03:00
3.3 Demonstration of the basic recipe using tapping 00:18:00
3.4 The Choices Method 00:04:00
3.5 Why EFT doesn’t focus on the Positive first 00:02:00
Module Four: The heart of Tapping
4.1 Table tops and Table legs 00:04:00
4.2 The Apex Effect 00:04:00
Stress Relief at Your Fingertips Summary 00:04:00
Lesson 1: Maintaining your energy body 00:01:00
Lesson 2: Personal Peace Procedure 00:03:00
Lesson 3: The Palace of Possibilities 00:02:00

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  1. Simple, yet powerful!


    I heard about tapping a while back at a seminar, but never had the opportunity to explore it fully until I took this course. Meenakshi is a great teacher, and she explains very well both why tapping is powerful and how to implement it in our busy lives. Just a few minutes of tapping makes me calmer and centered person. I highly recommend this online course.