The Time Creation Course is beneficial for anyone who repeatedly finds themselves saying, “There just isn’t enough time in the day!” It’s for the person who is ready to create the space necessary to not only be more efficient and productive but to enhance the overall quality of their life. This course is particularly valuable for the achiever who is feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and over committed without the time to do the things that bring them the most joy.The promise of this brief yet highly impactful course is that you will learn how to effortlessly create one hour (or more) of blissful time each day. You’ll start with myth-busting to help release old thought patterns that are blocking your time creation abilities then you’ll be introduced to tools and strategies that allow you to maximize your time in a way that honors both your personal and professional goals.


Course Curriculum

Module Zero - Setting The Stage
0.1 Getting started 00:04:00
0.2 Setting Time Creation Intentions 00:05:00
0.3 Connecting With Your Motivation 00:03:00
0.4 Myth Busting To Reset Your Mindset 00:07:00
Module One - Making Fast, Smart Decisions
1.1 Identifying Your Desired Feelings 00:05:00
1.2 Identifying Your Life Goals 00:07:00
1.3 Identifying Your Values 00:05:00
1.4 Introducing the 20-Second Decision-Making Model™ 00:07:00
Module Two - Managing Your Commitments
2.1 Evaluating Alignment 00:04:00
2.2 Renegotiating Terms 00:05:00
2.3 Determining When To Let Go 00:05:00
Module Three- Building Time Creating Momentum
3.1 Living The Time Creator’s Creed 00:03:00
3.2 Celebrating Your Creation 00:03:00
3.3 Moving Forward 00:03:00

Course Reviews


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  1. I enjoyed this course very much.


    I enjoyed this course very much. I like that it’s not too long and Lanette gets to the point fast. I enjoyed the most the 20 Second decision-making process and assessing my current commitments.

  2. Time well spent!


    I found this course very helpful. Lanette’s enthusiasm and infectious presentation style had me totally immersed. I already feel less stressed and more focussed on how best to use my time now and going forward. Highly recommended!

  3. Just In Time! I Needed To Reset My Decision Making!


    I really enjoyed the course. Lanette’s style of teaching is clear but also, patient, I felt like she was right there by my side encouraging me to be a better me! I really needed this to reassess my goals and values. This course hits on core values that are important to me, but I let slip due to the minutia of day to day living.

    Thanks Lanette, I look forward to using everything you have taught me.

  4. The Time Creation Course


    This course was timely (pun intended!) Clear, concise, and compelling. Lanette has jammed packed this course with great content and delivers it in a way that feels effortless to work through the modules. I enjoyed Lanette’s enthusiasm and looked forward to each video to hear what she had to say. This course helped me change my perspective on time and I especially loved the myth busting.

  5. Making Time Your Choice


    I have always struggled with time and felt the lack of it throughout my life. In the Time Creation Course, Lanette teaches how to make quick yet important decisions to make sure you’re aligned with how you’re spending your time with her 20-Second Decision-Making Model.

    And, as promised, Lanette delivers this entire course without fluff or filler. Each Module is short with each word counting.

    Totally worth your time, current & future…

  6. Simple Steps with a Big Impact


    This was a big eye opener for me. If you take the time to do the homework, I guarantee you’ll find more time in your day to do what really matters to you. By using the 20 Second Decision Making Model, it helps you stay aligned with your true self. The course is quick and to the point, which is good when we are all so busy to begin with!!

  7. Time magic


    Time is such an undervalued resource, we take it for granted and rarely invest our time to create more time!

    Even though I would consider myself a ‘Time conscious’ individual, this easy to follow course with its helpful resources helped me to identify where I had over-committed myself and therefore given away my time in the areas not fulfilling my life intentions. Diving into what I want to feel, what I value and what I want to achieve allowed me to get clarity over where I am ‘spending’ rather than ‘investing’ my time and see how I can create more time in the areas I desire.

    Overall a great course to start you off in raising awareness and considering your current ‘Time’ reality using a super ’20 second’ decision-making tool.Thanks Lannette for helping me to create more time…..

  8. The Time Creation Course


    Great course Lanette! I am excited to start practicing the 20 Second Decision Making Model and create extra time in my day, week and life! It was enlightening to hear that it’s okay to say “No” confidently to what does not align with my values and goals. Looking forward to implementing this strategy starting right now.

  9. Time Creator's Course is Well Worth the Time


    I love how Lanette has taken a concept that can be overwhelming and paralyzing for people and gives us simple to follow steps so we can believe we can find extra time each day. One of my aha moments was in the myth busting – there are many times I’ve thought my way was the only way.

    Thank you Lanette for giving me something to think about, the encouragement that I can do this, and the tools to keep me moving forward.

  10. Time is back on my side!


    I had no idea going into this course how much of my time was devoted to doing things I really did not want to be doing! Thank you Lanette for making my life so much more manageable! I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to get a little more life out of their day!

  11. Worth the Time Investment!


    This course was worth the time investment! The number one take away for me was the 20 second decision making model. I am putting that exercise to use immediately! Secondly, the review of committments and then renegotiation will be my next focus so I can create the time I need for my most important goals. Thank you for a great concise course with deep insight. I highly recommend this course and taking the time to complete the exercises in the workbook. You’ll have all the time you need if you stick to the principles in this course!

  12. Well worth the Time


    I am great at managing my time. In fact, my family and friends call me the calendar master. Lanette’s Time Creation Course help me realize that I shouldn’t be managing my time but investing it. My light bulb moments were Lanette’s myth busters and the excerise ‘How do you want to feel?’ Image that! You don’t have to be a martyr and you have the right to feel good about what you do with your time. Lanette has given me, the tools to revaluate my commitments and my time involvement.Thank you, Lanette.

  13. I've gained so much clarity on time!


    I prided myself on being super efficient with my time, but underneath I’ve known for a long while that my work/life balance is appalling; I’ve sacrificed my own plans for other people’s priorities and I’ve felt guilty about saying “no” to opportunities. Lanette’s clarity, encouragement and practical exercises were like a beacon to me in this course. In beautifully constructed sections you build on what you’ve learnt in each part and everything clicks into place to give you achievable results – amazingly – in a super actionable 20 second decision making process. I feel confident that I’ve gained new skills as a result of this course and will be able to apply it to all aspects of my life.