WordPress SEO Masterclass is the most comprehensive and up-to-date course on the market. It will walk you through step-by-step on how to unquestionably beat your competition and rank at the top of Google for your most powerful keywords!

Google is still the most trafficked website in the world with over 3.5 billion searches every single day! Inside this course are the most effective and powerful strategies to claim your portion of this pie and attract thousands of customers to your website every single day!

This course is set up in an easy-to-follow format that takes you by the hand. It will walk you through step-by-step with everything you need to increase your WordPress site’s SEO score and get you to the top of Google.

You will learn to:
  • Identify and install powerful SEO plugins and WordPress themes
  • Discover golden high volume and low competition SEO keywords
  • Upgrade and optimize your on-page and on-site WordPress SEO
  • Use links to harness and maximize your off-site SEO power
  • Rank your WordPress site at the top of Google’s search results

Course Curriculum

Module One - Introduction to the Wordpress SEO Masterclass and Why SEO is Important
1.1 Welcome and Introduction to the WordPress SEO Masterclass 2018 00:02:00
1.2 Professional SEO Analysis of Your Current WordPress Website (Activity) 00:03:00
1.3 A Glimpse into the Power Of SEO for Your WordPress Website 00:04:00
1.4 The Two Golden Ranking Factors that Google Reward 00:06:00
1.5 An Important Distinction in the World of SEO 00:03:00
Module Two - Identify and Install the Best Plugins and Themes to SkyRocket Your SEO Score
2.1 The Perfect WordPress SEO Configuration for Your Website 00:06:00
2.2 Identify and Install an SEO Optimized Theme 00:12:00
2.3 The Number One Most Powerful SEO WordPress Plugin 00:22:00
2.4 Top Plugins & Tools to Compress Your Images Before Upload 00:09:00
2.5 Easy Content Access at All Times with Table of Content Plus 00:05:00
2.6 Seamless Integration of Social Media Sharing Buttons 00:03:00
Module Three - Most Authoritative Tools and Software to Power Your Wordpress Site
3.1 Setting Up Tracking Code Manager to Make Things Simple 00:03:00
3.2 Taking Advantage of the All Powerful Google Analytics 00:35:00
3.3 Understanding and Installing Google Webmaster Tools 00:24:00
3.4 The All-In-One Toolkit for SEO Professionals 00:07:00
3.5 The Planet’s Largest Link Index Database 00:04:00
3.6 Tool to Research Your Competitors and Monitor Your Niche 00:05:00
Module Four - Discover Winning High Volume and Low Competition SEO Keywords
4.1 The Critical Long-Tail Mindset: Competitive VS Non-Competitive Keywords 00:06:00
4.2 How to Identify the Most Valuable Buyer-Intent Keywords 00:08:00
4.3 Simplifying the Single Keyword VS Key-Phrase Decision 00:04:00
4.4 A Very Powerful Google Tool for Finding Your Keywords 00:11:00
4.5 Instantly and Ethically Steal the Best Keywords From Your Competitors 00:07:00
4.6 Test Your Competitive SEO Keywords Before Using Them 00:05:00
Module Five - Upgrade and Optimize Your Onsite Wordpress SEO
5.1 How to Take Advantage of Robot Crawling and Control Their Frequency 00:10:00
5.2 Testing and Increasing Your WordPress Speed 00:17:00
5.3 Ensuring Your WordPress Mobile Compatibility 00:08:00
5.4 The Little-Known AMP Technique that Skyrockets Your Mobile Rankings 00:07:00
5.5 Understanding and Improving Your Internal Linking Strategy 00:06:00
5.6 The Semantic Cocoon Technique that Gets Google to LOVE Your Content 00:11:00
5.7 How Using HTTPS Can Help Your Ranking, and How To Set It Up 00:05:00
5.8 Identify and Disconnect No-Index Pages 00:07:00
5.9 The Definitive Answer of What You Should Do With Categories 00:08:00
5.10 SEO Strategy for Multiple Languages 00:07:00
5.11 Boosting Your Domain Trust Flow 00:06:00
Module Six - Upgrade and Optimize Your On-Page Wordpress SEO
6.1 Introduction to Upgrading and Optimizing your WordPress Pages 00:01:00
6.2 Create Content for Humans and Not Robots 00:02:00
6.3 How to Properly Write Quality Content That Will Rank in Google 00:07:00
6.4 Effective Use of H1 Tags 00:04:00
6.5 Effective Use of H2 Tags 00:07:00
6.6 Optimize Your Meta Keywords 00:03:00
6.7 Optimize Your Meta Title 00:08:00
6.8 Optimize Your Meta Description 00:06:00
6.9 Appropriate Images Alt Text 00:05:00
6.10 Perfecting Your URL Structure 00:05:00
6.11 The Power of Being Bold 00:03:00
Module Seven - Harness and Maximize Your Offsite SEO Power
7.1 Unleash the Force of Powerful Links 00:09:00
7.2 Taking Advantage of SEO Juice 00:04:00
7.3 Distinguishing Between the Better Type of Links 00:10:00
7.4 The Major Difference Between a Powerful Link and a Bad Link 00:12:00
7.5 Weaving Your WordPress SEO Link Building Web 00:05:00
7.6 Understanding and Using Link Directories for More SEO Power 00:06:00
7.7 Exploring Guest-Blogging to Increase Your SEO Juice 00:08:00
7.8 The Importance of External Links 00:04:00
7.9 Interpreting the Social Media Factor 00:02:00
7.10 The Google News Strategy 00:16:00
Module Eight - Understanding and Preparing for Negative SEO
8.1 What is Negative SEO? 00:03:00
8.2 How to Detect Negative SEO Attacks Early 00:05:00
8.3 Negative Attack SEO Combat Plan 00:03:00
8.4 The Ethical Question Surrounding Negative SEO 00:02:00
Module Nine - SEO Success Stories, Interviews and Bonus Wordpress SEO Complete Checklist
9.1 Bonus: Skyscraper Technique 00:07:00
9.2 Bonus: Expired Domain Technique 00:07:00
9.3 Bonus: Guestographic Technique 00:05:00
9.4 How I Created and Sold My First Company at 23 Using SEO Traffic 00:12:00
9.5 Applying the SEO Mindset Outside of Google (App Store SEO/Youtube SEO, etc.) 00:05:00
9.6 SEO Cheat Sheet: What to Check Before Publishing 00:08:00
9.7 Most Important Mindset to Remember 00:02:00
9.8 Practical Activity: Let’s See Your Progress! 00:03:00
9.9 Final Words and Conclusion for the WordPress SEO Masterclass 00:03:00

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