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Salvatore Manzi


Certified Western Feng Shui Practitioner, Salvatore Manzi, helps energize people and their spaces.

Using Feng Shui as a Mindfulness Practice, Salvatore has been helping people redesign their life by redesigning their space for over 17 years. He has trained with a Master Taoist, a Feng Shui Master, and Native American Shaman, giving him with a unique approach to Feng Shui. He’s moved 75 times across 3 continents and 14 cities, gaining first hand knowledge on how our environment defines who we are and how it shapes who we are becoming. His first book, Feng Shui Life Mapping, combines Creative Visualization and Feng Shui offering an easy way to turn your home/office into a 3-D Vision Board. Salvatore can be found most frequently hiking off-trail in the Redwoods along the California Coast.


San Francisco