Meet our Experts

Beatrice Stonebanks

Global Chief Revenue Officer / Speaker / Community Outreach Leader

Beatrice is a Business Development Specialist who believes real success is about taking a look at what works and what doesn’t work on a company’s sales team, getting egos out of the way and under-performers off the team. Raising the bar and reaping the benefits, leading by example using straightforward communication and bleeding-edge technology mixed with a powerhouse work ethic. Beatrice loves creating new revenue streams for her clients, she is a natural top performer in B2B sales, management and publishing. She is an author, a public speaker, and a community outreach leader. She is known for implementing simple techniques that generate big results. In negotiation it’s all about the results, she gets them and teaches her clients how to do the same. She is a Silicon Valley Start-Up advisor and mentor. She partners with global giants, as well. From Apple to mom and pop shops, she is size and sector agnostic.

Nick Lambe

Educator, Healthcare Practitioner

Nick Lambe is an experienced educator and coach who specializes in helping fitness professionals implement health-first principles to improve impact. He has developed expertise in sleep, recovery, cognitive health, nutrition & heart rate variability. Partnerships with Nick’s work include Google and the US Olympic Committee. Nick is a course creator and hosts regular educational events. He developed the sleep and recovery coaching course which is a comprehensive course that is the first of its kind. He runs the COACHED Education Platform which focuses on community, mentorship, and coaching skills. In the past 2 years, he has run 4 virtual events that have hosted 100+ speakers and 15,000 attendees in over 40 countries.

Andrew Miller

Startup Marketing Expert

Andrew Lee Miller is a prolific bootstrapped startup Marketing expert also known as @AndrewStartups who over the past 15 years has driven 3 VC-backed startup exits, and dozens of successfully funded startups! Andrew’s speciality lies in helping young companies scale efficiently in the early-stages and he has lectured in over 15 countries on Paid Advertising, Growth Hacking, Public Relations, Search Marketing and more. He’s written for INC magazine, StartupGrind, and StartupNation and his first book entitled The Startup Growth Book - 50+ proven ways to grow your business without a budget is available on Amazon and other book retailers. Learn more at

Michael Cinquino

Founder, SoHo Creative LLC

For the last 10 years Michael has spent the majority of his time in front of - or behind - a camera. He believes there’s nothing more powerful than human connection. Michael believes that we're never more our truest selves than when we're at play. When we're at play we're able to get out of our heads and ditch ideas or concepts that stifle spontaneity and creativity. The immediate result is that our audience can connect with us on a deep and meaningful level. Continuing to help hundreds of individuals and organizations connect with their audience through the lens of a camera, Michael’s passion and commitment to his clients remains unmatched. Whether it's a headshot, a video or Zoom presentation, Michael makes sure your very best self comes out to play.

Rahul Guttal

VP - Trainings & Strategy // Trainer // Coach

Rahul never expected to be a public speaking trainer. He started his career in technology - gaining experience in a wide range of roles: business developer, data analyst, project manager and user researcher. Over those years, he also focused heavily on personal and professional development, diving into leadership coaching, meditation, counseling and much more. By exposing himself to vastly different worlds, he realized that public speaking training for professionals was the perfect way to bring these interests together. He’s happiest when he’s learning and helping others grow.

Michael Liebowitz

CEO, Magnetic Mind Studio

Michael Liebowitz is on a mission to show business leaders how to communicate with more impact. An expert in the fields of brand strategy and behavioral neurology, Michael brings these disciplines together to form powerful communication strategies that accelerate small business growth. Strategies that are specifically tuned to resonate with their audience, trigger feelings of trust, and create the desire to buy. As a child in the schoolyard Michael never quite understood why one kid was seen as “in” while another was “out”, and why it seemed to shift so easily. It made no sense. Little did he know at the time that this would become the spark of a life’s work of showing businesses how they can be seen as the "in" kid. Michael has a passion for understanding how the human mind works to drive our behavior and how we make decisions. His fresh and counter-intuitive insights are the result of his investigations into multiple ways of understanding how people work. Business leaders come to Michael to help them rethink how they communicate and make more impact.

Mitch Durfee

Mitch Durfee is a keynote speaker, real estate Investor & business consultant. A Veteran of The U.S Army Mitch served from 2003-2008 in Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan, where he became an expert at building and leading teams. He is the 3-time best-selling author of Serve 2 Win, Millionaire Business Mindset & Military House Hacking.

Raitis Stalazs

CEO/ Founder of Thrive Courses

Ever since arriving in the United States at age 20 with $80 in my pocket and minimal English speaking skills, I've been obsessed with this one question: “How come some people are thriving in life, and some people are barely surviving?” Of course, the answer is not as simple; the answer is a lot more complicated. But I believe that one of the main reasons why some people are thriving while some people are barely surviving is ongoing personal improvement and education. The same thing applies to entrepreneurship. In order to start and build a successful business, you must be willing to continually learn and grow. I found that the best way to do so is by learning from those who are just a few steps ahead of us.

Tanner Smith

Digital Marketer

Tanner is a firm believer in the power of marketing and is obsessed with everything that involves getting your ideal customer to BEG you to take their money. Tanner is especially passionate about helping online course creators, thought leaders, and experts sell and scale their digital products and online programs. While primarily data driven, Tanner’s scientific digital marketing methods never forget the important fact that behind every click and transaction is a person that needs a problem solved. He’s also a cat guy. . . Nothing wrong with that.