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Raitis Stalazs | Founder & CEO

Ever since arriving in the United States at age 20 with $80 in my pocket and minimal English speaking skills, I've been obsessed with this one question:

“How come some people are thriving in life, and some people are barely surviving?”

Of course, the answer is not as simple; the answer is a lot more complicated. But I believe that one of the main reasons why some people are thriving while some people are barely surviving is ongoing personal improvement and education. The same thing applies to entrepreneurship. In order to start and build a successful business, you must be willing to continually learn and grow.

I found that the best way to do so is by learning from those who are just a few steps ahead of us. The challenge is: we often don’t have access to those people--and that’s exactly why I founded ThriveCourses.com, where we bring the top experts in business-centered subjects all in one place.

Meet the Team


"I am the one whos responsible for successes and failures. Of course, we are focused on successes and we’ve been able to create more successes than failures!"

Business Development

"I provide a top of the line experience from the first interaction with an expert. It shows through our entire team from the moment we get started to when we deliver a course, which conveys years of knowledge and expertise for the world to see."

Lead Writing Coach

"I guide each expert’s style of teaching and get each course in order from A to Z so each course flows and you are never lost!"

Project Coordinator

"I communicate with the team to make sure each project runs smoothly from the beginning to the end."

Project Coordinator

"I make sure that everything is being facilitated from the start to the end of each course"

Creative Director

"I make sure to understand the mood and feel for each course, putting together and setting up each set to fit our courses. I’m the on-set contact for our West coast studio and ensures everything goes according to plan during filming."

Makeup Artist

"I help experts look camera ready and beautiful."

Videographer, and Editor

"Once each course is filmed, my job is to take it and cut it together in a seamless way that will engage our audience the most"

Lead Videographer

"I will be the one that makes each expert look good on camera"

Lead Audio Engineer

"I make sure that the audio for our courses are covered and sound great"

Production Manager

"I help our courses look and sound phenomenal"

Content Director

"I make sure all social media and course creation content moves along from Point A to Point B"

Sales Copywriter

"I create organizational copy for web pages, emails and the like"

Web Developer

"I design, test, and develop software."

Graphic Designer

"I help with all graphic needs."

Product Designer

"Designer/coffee addict with a keen eye for detail. Doing my best to bring Thrive’s creative visions to life"

Video Editor

"I make sure each course is cut seamlessly so that we can present a final product that you will love!"

Video Editor

"I ensure that each course message comes through in putting together the final product."

Video Editor

"I make sure the final edited product exceeds expectations!"